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nobody gives a fuck.
tyler: man guess what i found out my girlfriend was a guy.
tyler: what should i do guys.
alex: ngaf tyler, stfu
by graykicksass January 07, 2010
nobody. gives. a. fuck.

Used on a message board when someone starts a thread or makes a post that nobody cares about, the ngaf term clarifies everyone else's position in a clear fashion.

Sometimes simplified as ngaf or n/g/a/f
First post: My band is playing down at the corner bar this Friday night at 9:00. We're going to be playing an entirely new set tonight!

Responding post: n.g.a.f.
by Yun Taragoashi August 19, 2008
means the same as DGAF(DONT GIVE A FUCK) NGAF means NOT GIVIN A FUCK...its better grammar
"yo im NGAF right now
by dakoter August 19, 2007