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Nftw means "Not for the win"
Dude I can't play WoW today.

NFTW!! I need Leggings of the Fang!
by Prince Shadow May 01, 2006
24 8
Naked for the win

Anything that is ordinary, can become a win, if its done while naked, if there is at least one girl involved.
1. Girl: Wanna go out on a date

Boy : Sure. NFTW

2. Girl: Wanna have a sleep over

Girl 2: Ok sure, NFTW

3. Guy: Hey guys (addressing 3 guys) wanna go watch a film at the cinema

Guy 2: Sure but invite Abigail so we can get NFTW
by the win guy April 28, 2011
8 0
Not For The World; A state of laziness in which you have absolutely no desire to leave your house or your room. A rejection of the outside world and all its trials.
Guy 1: Heyy! Come play dodgeball with us!
Guy 2: Fuck youuu, man!
Guy 1: Come on!
Guy 2: Nah man, i'm just nftw right now...
by Thunderlover2011 October 19, 2011
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