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No Funny Shit
NFS I wish I had a blunt!
by Dessxoxo March 07, 2013
83 30
Acronym for the popular car racing video/PC game series Need For Speed.
I just got the new NFS game, it rocks.
by IceWarm February 10, 2004
149 89
used in game like runescape ... that's mean not for sale
" can i buy your long "
"" no nfs "" ( or n4s)
by will April 08, 2005
156 98
No fucking shit.
i don't want no fucking shit.(NFS)
by Taylor anhorn September 05, 2008
84 60
An acronym short for: noob fo shoob, which means a person who is a NFS is definitely a noob without a doubt. By calling someone a NFS, it is no longer arguable whether that person is a noob or not, because he or she is DEFINITELY a noob after being called that.
chris: youre a NFS
matt: whats a NFS
chris: a noob fo shoob
matt: oh shit. FUCK YOU!!!
by Incronaut January 19, 2009
98 80
nfs- acronym for no funny shit

used when one is totally serious about something usually a personal statement.
girl-yo me and my mains went bungee jumping off the eiffel tower!!

boy-*looks skeptical

girl-nfs i swear
by dmvNative August 16, 2011
21 18
An acronym short for: 'nice fucking story'. A phrase used when someone has just uttered a statement that you have absolutely no interest in. A person having been told this should feel very small/ foolish. Enough to make them think before they say anything like that around you again.
Tom: oh hi, my sisters popping round later.
Elliot: sweet, is she single?
Tom: nah, she's in a longterm relationship. Living with her boyfriend, plus she's pregnant.
Elliot: NFS mate...N..F..S...
by Elgibbo January 24, 2011
12 21