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No Funny Shit
NFS I wish I had a blunt!
by Dessxoxo March 07, 2013
used in game like runescape ... that's mean not for sale
" can i buy your long "
"" no nfs "" ( or n4s)
by will April 08, 2005
Acronym for the popular car racing video/PC game series Need For Speed.
I just got the new NFS game, it rocks.
by IceWarm February 10, 2004
nfs- acronym for no funny shit

used when one is totally serious about something usually a personal statement.
girl-yo me and my mains went bungee jumping off the eiffel tower!!

boy-*looks skeptical

girl-nfs i swear
by dmvNative August 16, 2011
An acronym short for: noob fo shoob, which means a person who is a NFS is definitely a noob without a doubt. By calling someone a NFS, it is no longer arguable whether that person is a noob or not, because he or she is DEFINITELY a noob after being called that.
chris: youre a NFS
matt: whats a NFS
chris: a noob fo shoob
matt: oh shit. FUCK YOU!!!
by BigTestedCoals January 19, 2009
Not For Sure, Not Fo Sho
"Hey? Do you know if that's Amy Schuster in that 'Milk milk lemonade' video?"
Huh? Man, I'm nfs..
by DvyD April 14, 2015
An acronym short for: 'nice fucking story'. A phrase used when someone has just uttered a statement that you have absolutely no interest in. A person having been told this should feel very small/ foolish. Enough to make them think before they say anything like that around you again.
Tom: oh hi, my sisters popping round later.
Elliot: sweet, is she single?
Tom: nah, she's in a longterm relationship. Living with her boyfriend, plus she's pregnant.
Elliot: NFS mate...N..F..S...
by Elgibbo January 24, 2011
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