The statement you use when someone clearly has no talent and/or is unworthy of praise, status or limelight of any sort.
Generally used in a showbiz context and applied when an act really stinks.
Mick: "man, that guy's act really sucks"
Bob: "right on; to that person I say - NEXT!!!"

or -

Jed: "I can't believe they can show this stuff and get away with it. It stinks."
Laura: "you're right let's go. NEXT!!"
by toroboy October 05, 2009
A nerdy text message sent to, or received by, another person.
That was such a next you sent me.

They are nexting each other.

He just nexted me.
by defried July 10, 2011
Pointless trendy chothes shop targeted at shallow, middle class idiots.
"Ive just got a jumper from Next, it only cosy me £80".
by farge bofflenerp November 01, 2009
Used to describe anything wierd, strange or unusual.
That chick's face looks next boy
by Billy Christmas January 26, 2007
Not good enough, let's move on.
Oh, you work as a dog walker? Next!
by Steve the C October 05, 2012
Something you yell when you disapprove or dislike something .
person 1: The dinner my mom made last night really sucked . It tasted like fried cat shit .
person 2: NEXT !
by Lollie the Bemused April 02, 2009
This is a secondary method of claiming ownership over a previously unowned object after dibs has already been established over said object.

To "call next" is to denote who will obtain the next usage of the object after the "dibser" has had his/her fill.

To those who are unfamiliar with "Dibs Protocol," calling dibs on an object overrides any claims of ownership made simply by finding the object in question.
Person 1: Hey look, I found a pie.
Person 2: Dibs.
Person 3: I call next.
Person 1: Damn it.
by Ghost Crab March 03, 2009

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