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Can be used in place of any cuss word, regardless of part of speech
Person 1: That word is newging dumb.
Person 2: Then why do you keep using it? Admit it, you little newg, it's growing on you.
by mafiahairspy March 03, 2015
A nice boy who writes pretty words and likes to say "muerte". People like him and I hear he likes pans.
Hi Newg.
by michaela! April 13, 2004
a super hott emo boy who is a pillow hog and writes beautifully.
did you see newg in his new girl pants? damn that boy has a hott ass.
by nikki May 04, 2004
this huge tall giant kid who lives on the internet and likes to help people move.
Man, I got evicted. Where's Newg?
by Ashli!! April 12, 2004
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