An object, device, any product of mankind, which is deemed futuristic, unnecessary, and occasionally gay. Something is often called new fangled by a cranky old man who is spiteful of this new and awesome technology. Types of art can be considered new fangled as well, particularly music (commonly created by young people.
Brian: Hey Grandpa did you see that tricked out roll of tape Jimmy was rolling down the street!?

Grandpa Jones: Hell yes I did! That new fangled device surely cost his mama a pretty penny! In my day we used spit and semen to stick shit to shit!

Brian: STFU D0OD!!!!!!
by SealingPhan April 18, 2009
Top Definition
something that is recently made or discovered relative to the speaker.
To my grampa, this computer seems newfangled.
by Hank May 12, 2003
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