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those with little experience being broke, lacking the savvy and wisdom of professional urban survivalists.
Damn these new poor! "Hey, you! Get off my spanger per corner!"

"Don't let any of those new poor follow you back to CardBoard City or I'll cut ya!"

"Look at the blood on this dumpster edge...hilarious. Had to be from climbin' in. These new poor don't know they ass from a hole in a groun."
by 6uldv8 April 28, 2010
People who lose money because of the recession and then don't know how to live without money.
Parker: Did you hear about Steve?
Thomas: No what happened to him?
Parker: He is new poor now. Last I heard he is living outside a bar in a broken down RV.
Thomas: Man, new poor strikes again.
by the_new_black_mamba October 01, 2009

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