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another "hipper" word for "nothing"...go ahead, impress your friends
joe: "what do you like about this movie?"

zach: " sucks."
by Mitsuko April 12, 2004
An adjective to describe someone who provides you with desired needs but means nothing to you. Very similar to sugar daddy/momma but is more versatile and can be used directed toward any number of things including friends with benefits.
I married my husband for his money. He is my neverything.
#neverithing #sugar daddy #sugar momma #use #neverthing
by OldGregLovesMe June 02, 2009
A deviously silly Independent film chronicling the surreal adventures of brothers Humpkin and Mopekey.
The neverythings characters escape from the pages of the script and enter the real world
#movie #lovely by surprise #kirt gunn #humpkin #mopekey
by Squidnasty March 17, 2006
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