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Rare psychological affliction of never being able to be completely naked; insistence on covering one's gentialia and/or buttocks. Referenced on Fox's "Arrested Develeopment", Dr. Tobia Funke and his cutoffs.
"He's a nevernude" - Lindsay (about Tobias)
"Is that what it sounds like?" - Michael
by darcysloveslave October 24, 2004
One who can never be nude. Often wears cutoff's and body suits. One may also paint themselves blue. There are dozens of them, Dozens!
"What's the deal with the cutoffs?"
"Tobias is a nevernude."
by PaSaVaBa January 07, 2005
Never can be naked thus wears denim cut offs at all times.
Tobias is wearing his cut offs in the shower because he is a never nude.
by SaV January 08, 2005
Someone who is uncomfortable naked, and thus always has some garment of clothing on, even while bathing.
Tobias from Arrested Development is a never nude.
by Mike Smith November 26, 2004
A person who wears cut-offs under his/(her?) pants. Can never be nude and attends annual never-nude conventions.
Tobias was a never nude, which is exactly what it sounds like.
by Dominik92 March 15, 2008
Some one who refuses to be completly in the nude even when bathing or when having sex.
Paul, the nevernude, wears a bathing suit when he showers.
Paul is such a nevernude that he has sex through the dickhole of his boxers
by posiden56 February 02, 2011
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