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One who gets around and/or carries many std's and sti's. Avoid these individuals at all cost because of their ability to easily transmit venereal disease. Synonymous with petri dish.
Mike: Wash your hands after talking to that girl.
Johnny: Why?
Mike: She is a complete nettleton. You could honestly contract anything from her.
-2 weeks later-
Johnny: Dude why does it burn when I pee now?
Mike: You should have washed your hands...
by Free STD Screenings October 26, 2011
33 1
Someone who is very annoying but everyone loves, thinks is awesome, and can't help but to hang out with, yet no one will go out of his/her way to hang out with.
C: You're annoying.
J: But people love me.
T: I know I do.
C: ...
J: And I'm awesome.
T: No doubt!
J: T... why have you never invited me to anything or texted me before I texted you?
T: Um...
C: 'Cause you're a nettleton.
by seven6ty4 April 15, 2010
6 5