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Anyone with an accent that is trying to get sex.
Look at the new transfer student, he's totally trying to get in Lizzy's pants, that horny cheerio.
by seven6ty4 April 15, 2010
To be covered in anything sticky, like syrup.
ex. 1. My pancakes are briese.
ex. 2. My hands got briese after arts and crafts.
ex. 3. Do you want to get briese?
by seven6ty4 April 20, 2010
A zipper that is so far down, it seems to go up only to the seventh tooth, either due to it being broken or simple because it is down.
How do you fix an unwanted seven strung zipper?
by seven6ty4 April 15, 2010
Someone who is very annoying but everyone loves, thinks is awesome, and can't help but to hang out with, yet no one will go out of his/her way to hang out with.
C: You're annoying.
J: But people love me.
T: I know I do.
C: ...
J: And I'm awesome.
T: No doubt!
J: T... why have you never invited me to anything or texted me before I texted you?
T: Um...
C: 'Cause you're a nettleton.
by seven6ty4 April 15, 2010
To receive a shit, in any way shape or form, that is long like a hot dog.
My girl want to doggett, so I gave her a ball park frank.
by seven6ty4 April 15, 2010
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