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A steaming pile of shit cesspool masquerading as an internet community in which whiny, confused Generation Y brats complain about every last everyday banality known to mankind.
Kindly jump off a cliff and land in Netphoria, you ass-dwelling fuckface.
by lush July 04, 2004

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the world's largest known messageboard dedicated solely to discussing indie-rock duo Two Gallants.
Dude, take the Smashing Pumpkins banter elsewhere, this is Netphoria!
by twogallants48135 November 24, 2006
A wonderful place to express your concerns about life. Responses often include "no one care" or "but did you get head?"
You: I went for a wonderful walk along the beach with my girlfriend tonight

Them1: No one care.
Them2: But did you get head?
by kim September 27, 2004