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A decent movie that isn't worth seeing in theatres, but is worthy of being placed on your netflix queue.
The Invisible was okay, but it's a netflixer.
#netflix #dvds #movies #rent #theatre
by Percy Jones May 08, 2007
A person who uses Netflix and popcorn to get someone to come "chill" when they actually want to fuck.
Girl: We never really watch "movies", he always wants to fuck. He's just a netflixer girl, don't fall for it.
#netflix #thot #movie #fuckbitch #hoe
by C. Ferb January 18, 2015
Noun: When a couple puts on Netflix with the sole purpose of making out or having sex during the show.
We just had a netflixer that lasted 4 episodes of HIMYM!
#netflix #making out #casual sex #tv #marathons
by RUGonnaBmygirl December 23, 2014
A person who watches a show or movie on Netflix.
A:Yo dawg I do NOT want to go to the movies. That mufu**** popcorn is 8 dollas a POP.

B: Yes, you are right Tyrone. Shall we be Netflixer's tonight?

A: Whateva mufu****
#netflix #netflixer #netflixers #netflixing #netflixit
by Merica August 09, 2012
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