A synonym of rad. To be nersh is to be of appreciation usually in an extreme context.
"Dude, that guy Turd Ferguson is totally nersh."

"Some dude gave me a hot carl the other night when I was drunk, it was totally not nersh."
by www.coastlongboarding.com February 15, 2006
adj: headdy, irie, totally awesome

v: get high, get drunk
"Dude I was praising jah last night, and got totally nershed. It was ultra nersh, brah."
by JahPraiser August 28, 2008
combination of douche nouche and nush, on other words, a total loser who thinks he is better than he is.
that kid thinks hes so good at halo cause he gets 3 stars but its just because he plays all day and all night, what a nersh!
by benatron July 03, 2008

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