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The feeling you get when you are really tired and everything becomes funny.
*listens to lemmings on the run* (lemmings on the run)

HahahahahahahahahahHAAHAH Haahahahahahahaa HOLY SHIT I'M NERPY1
by E-rotic January 21, 2006
A word created by Markus Persson (Creator of Minecraft) on the day of his marriage to explain the feeling of being happy and nervous at the same time. though meaning entirely different things, this could be a possible add-on to the already rhyming words Herp and Derp. The alternative to this word is the more dislike-able "Harvous"
From Notch's Twitter:

notch Markus Persson
I am nervous and happy. Harvous. (Nerpy?)
by Notch Stalker August 13, 2011