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1. Refers to a person who is such a nerd that the word nerd itself is not enough to describe them.
2. Someone who tends to over quote extremely lame and nerdy phrases.
3. A term often used for a person who rarely goes out drinking with no reasonable excuse.
4. Especially a combination of the above

Similar to fagtron only not as gay.
"Gregs not coming out tonight, what a nerdtron"
by C S January 28, 2004
nerdtron studios, a group that hosts dance parties in it's hometown of Omaha, as well as various conventions across the midwest; most comonly refered to as simply Nerdtron. Each party/rave boasts 300+ attendants and free glowsticks, and features both house and guest DJs.
I met this totally hot kandi raver at Nerdtron last night!
by lenquo December 08, 2010
Nerdtron, also known as the Social Studies Resource Center (SSRC - see "USSRC"), is where the nerds hang out, and play GLTron. thus the name, Nerdtron.
d00d, j00 can't b3 a n3rd with us, we'll pwn j00!1!!11!Q
by T-Bagger November 18, 2004
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