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A phenomenon resulting from an attempt to pass off a fallacious story as factual, only to subsequently have the story proven wrong, resulting in exhibited defensiveness, bitterness and embarrassment on the part of the teller of said false story.

Synonym: PWNT
The term was derived from the following thread (created by a poster names "nerdster") on the NC State message boards:

Note the weak attempts at insulting those who are laughing at the expense of him having "nerdstered" himself throughout the thread.
by Sarsippius L. Bonehead September 05, 2008
66 12
The practice of claiming something to be true according to "unimpeachable sources" even after it has been proven fallacious. Typically, someone is guilty of "nerdstering" once he/she begins lashing out at those who have proven him/her to be wrong, invoking the Sacred Church of Snopes, challenging others to produce evidence of wrongfulness, etc.
The term became famous on the legendary NC State "Brickyard" message board.
If you claim that you received an e-mail from an "impeachable source" and you continue to maintain its validity even after having been presented with significant evidence which discredits the "unimpeachable source", you have successfully nerdstered yourself.
by Bob Kennel March 28, 2010
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