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Someone who could very easily be a nerd, but is reserved in class, and almost never shows off his intelligence. Considered to be very cool by his peers. Usually a lot smarter than the suck-ups, nerds, teacher's pets, etc, and is the real teacher's favorite.
Teacher: Now who can tell me what the white whale symbolizes in Moby Dick?

Regular Nerd: That's simple! The whale is evil!

Teacher: Very good, the exact answer i was looking for! Wait, Mr. Fisher, what do you think?

Fisher: The whale symbolizes a vengeful God. This was forshadowed by the sermon on Jonah's hubris near the beginning. Ahab thought he was a modern day Jonah, and he thought he could kill God. But, his life is taken in the end because of his hubris, similar to Jonah.

Teacher: That... That's brilliant, Mr. Fisher...brilliant.

Student: Dude, you're such a nerdster!

Fisher: Meh.
by DanMonkfish December 11, 2009
1.A sentence fragment that displays what a rebel and how cool you are

2.Basically the equivalent of calling yourself a douche
Steve: Hey, that's my ice cream you're eating!
Douche: Do what I want
Steve: You're such a. . .douche
Douche: Do what I want
Steve: You already said that!
Douche:Do What I want. . .yeah
by DanMonkfish December 06, 2009
That confusing time of day right after you wake up, usually after more than 14 hours of sleeping, where your dreams mix with reality. It' a magical time where you can wake up with Megan Fox next to you, all of your furniture is made of candy, and you have six pack abs But, it is followed by disappointment when you realize that it is not real, and it all fades away.
During Morning Twilight:
You: Dude...my pillow...is like, a giant marshmallow.
Megan Fox:You should eat it.
You: Yeah... Yeah, I will!
Megan Fox: *snicker*
by DanMonkfish December 10, 2009
A combination of words that piss off English teachers and professors; the ultimate grammar no-no word
Student: Whatiflikeyeah, Mr. Smith
English Teacher: What vulgarity! you have just earned yorself a detention, young sir!
by DanMonkfish December 05, 2009
Something that one of your friends says will be awesome, but actually sucks.
Friend: Hey, you should get a Zune, they're da bomb!!
You: Ok.

You: This Zune sucks! It's pseudolicious!
Friend: Sorry, bro
by DanMonkfish December 12, 2009
A word that is a combination of True and Touche. It can be used either to compliment a person's counterpoint or just to argree with them. It's as versatile as words such as "yeah", "dude", "true", ecetra. The word was born at a climbing camp in Maine, first spoken by a certain Canadian-German named Hannes.
Example 1:
Dude 1: Inception was such a cool movie!
Dude 2: Yeah, but DeCaprio was better in Shutter Island
Dude 1: oh, truese

Example 2:
Dude 1: that was cool
Dude 2: truese

Example 3:

Dude 1: dude, truese
Dude 2: truese...truese
by DanMonkfish July 25, 2010
Someone you want to call a slut/bitch etc., but you can't because they aren't. You're just angry because you can't get with them
- She's such a slut

- She's hasn't had a boyfriend for months, she's not a slut

-you're right, *sigh*, she's a pseudo-slut

-I feel your pain, man, I feel pain
by DanMonkfish February 05, 2010

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