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My definition of a nerdsexual is someone who prefers to have relationships both of the mind and romantically/physically with other nerds regardless of gender or ethnicity. The mind and spirit is what is important.
I consider myself a total nerdsexual . I guess some people would callme a bisexual nerd but it is more than that. For instance I am a total nerd. I have always sought that out in my relationships both romantic and freindships. I don't judge anyone on their ethnicity (but do enjoy hearing and learning about opposing points of view a cultural things), I also don't judge anyone on their gender, what does it really matter if they have two X chromosomes or a Y thrown in. True love and connection has to do with the mind. Nerds have great minds.
by nerdsexual May 06, 2014
1.people who don´t want sex or nothing sexual contacts with men or women but with books machines etc...

2. Unsocial person
you ain´t social, gangsta or normal human being/
you are just nerdsexual. you hadn´t social contacts with people when you was teen/
by Heikki December 14, 2005
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