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person who has been nerd in elementary school and junior high. And when person gets to high school where nobody knows it. That person act there like gangsta, fake and wears in rap clothes etc...
I'm sick of these people who think they are something, they are highschool gangstas.
by Heikki January 14, 2006
1. prostitute
2. girls who wear in sexy clothes
3. sexy girl
4. hallusinations (for example some dog who think that he see sexy girls when he is high)
5. chicken (girls who were in sexy clothes, who dokes, talking and laughing so loud)
I walk in the street. Suddenly I see some pinklady. She is my hallusination, thanks for drugs.
by Heikki December 16, 2005
1.people who don´t want sex or nothing sexual contacts with men or women but with books machines etc...

2. Unsocial person
you ain´t social, gangsta or normal human being/
you are just nerdsexual. you hadn´t social contacts with people when you was teen/
by Heikki December 14, 2005

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