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A Nerdge,or a Nerj as they are now called is basically anything,you can fit it into any sentence,much like dude.
This is also the name of a local talented irish band,who this word derived from.other spellings include,Nerjd.
"Dude,you're such a nerdge!" or "hey nerdges,wait up".
by anon December 19, 2004
A nerdy urge
I've got a nerdge to play pokemon or read harry potter.
by pokemondefinesme March 27, 2011
a nerd with edge! positive or negative. a friend, a stupid/nerd-like person, something great!
shut up, you're such a nerdge.
hey nerdge, how's it going?
hahaha that's brilliant, you nerdge!!
by m April 22, 2005

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