Term coined by the Green brothers which is when a nerdfighter falls in love with another nerdfighter. This usually rarely happens because Nerdfighters don't love each other, they love John Green. And also, because they have no lives and rarely leave the house, let alone date. These people gush about John Green and about being real nerds and quote his dumbass books thinking they're being clever by using a terrible author's words in an attempt to make easy money by reaching out to brain dead people.
OMG I'm in nerdfighterlike with you!!!
by bellatrixlestrangeblack April 26, 2013
Top Definition
An expression used to define a mutual love interest between nerdfighters. Nerdfighters don't fall in love, they fall in nerdfighterlike.
"Oh won't you be in nerdfighterlike with me? Won't you stay up all night on Skype with me?"
by TaylorBee May 14, 2008
Nerdfighterlike is when two nerdfighters like each other. Occasionally that nerdfighterliking might lead to nerdfighterlove.
I really nerdfighterlike you!
by nerdfighterftw July 02, 2009
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