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Usually known as Nerdfighters. They are people who read nothing but John Green's books, which are repetitive and overrated. They usually drool to the Vlogbrothers, a channel in which the author and his brother try to be cool to their audience even though they're old as fuck. Things they do includes making up dumb-ass songs, causing brain damage, wasting your time, being narcissistic, hearing themselves talk, trying to be weird, random and clever at the same time and appealing to the lame people who take the time to watch and love them. These people usually like the books because they talk about smoking, cursing, pixie dream girls and because it's fucking trending.
John Green Fangirl:...
Person: OMG just no *walks away*
by bellatrixlestrangeblack April 26, 2013
Term coined by the Green brothers which is when a nerdfighter falls in love with another nerdfighter. This usually rarely happens because Nerdfighters don't love each other, they love John Green. And also, because they have no lives and rarely leave the house, let alone date. These people gush about John Green and about being real nerds and quote his dumbass books thinking they're being clever by using a terrible author's words in an attempt to make easy money by reaching out to brain dead people.
OMG I'm in nerdfighterlike with you!!!
by bellatrixlestrangeblack April 26, 2013
Lame youtube channel by wannabe 35 year olds who appeal to young boys and girls who read garbage and think that they alone are awesome and come up with dumb terms like "made of awesome" and "llama the french" and talk about john greens hair (which he could brush or cut or WASH since he has money now, why look like a hobo?). They usually sing songs and make snide remarks about non-john green lovers and try to be nerdy by talking about nerdy subjects. John Green's books are not nerdy. They are lame.
nerdfighter: OMG did you watch that channel i told you about? brotherhood2.0?
Normal person: Yeah, and they are 10 minutes of my life I will never get back. Are you retarded? How can you like that shit?
*slaps nerdfighter in the back of the head* You're not even a nerd!!!
by bellatrixlestrangeblack April 26, 2013
One of John Green's mythological creatures. Written by any other author, she would have been unforgettable. Instead she is used in a context where a wimpy kid falls for the pixie dream girl (Alaska Young), who feels sorry for herself, is not constant in character, is shallow in terms of complexity, is self-destructive but in a really lame way and is "mysterious", though the mystery is taken away when she states that the whole point is that they don't know her. She tries too hard to be adventurous, impulsive, bad ass and instead fails miserably. Alaska Young is a hero to John Green's fans, who only wish they could date a pixie dream girl but are content with fantasizing about her along with 35 year old author, who repeats the same characteristics in every goddamn piece of shit book he writes. And no, even though he does it over and over again in other books, the pixie dream girl doesn't get deeper or more realistic. John Green obviously mirrors a high school crush and a sexual fantasy of a girl who never gave him the time of day.
Nerdfighter: OMG, I want to be just like Alaska Young!! omg you're a genius!
John Green: I know. I'm sure that the girl I based her on is now wanting to get it on with me because I have money...
Pfff No.
by bellatrixlestrangeblack April 26, 2013
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