Nerd Rage: The phenomenon in which a typical "nerd" becomes so enraged, that rational thought quickly decreases, but strength output is significantly increased as if being channeled. The period is short lived, but can end up causing serious damage, especially if the "nerd" has a short-fused temper.
Person 1: Haha, you are teh sucksorz.
Person 2 (Nerd): ARGGHHHHH!
Person 1: Oh shit! He's got nerd rage!
by Anon9923 February 18, 2010
An extreme anger over a video game; commonly associated with World of Warcraft. While there are many nerds that rage over pixilated dragons and gnomes, the reddest nerd of them all is a narcissistic asshole named Antigalactic.
Stop nerd-raging, it's just a game.

The amount of nerd-rage in here is making me uncomfortable.

I was nerd-raging so hard I beat a puppy to death with a kitten.
by Borock oboma March 01, 2011
Nerd Rage is a short period of furious anger from a nerd, stemming most likely from psychologically traumatic past events of horrible bullying or name-calling. Such rage is nigh-impossible to control and may surface in the face of something that reminds them of a past opressor. Nerd Rage causes a decline in rational thought and judgement, even for an individual of high intelligence and maturity.
Jake beat the other boy to the ground in a violent fury, after the bully had brought out the Nerd Rage in him.
by Dictionary for smart people June 22, 2009
1. A term used to describe anger or disgust by a person over the details of a dearly-held franchise.

2. A term used to describe anger or disgust by a person during an interactive form of entertainment where the winner is not the one showing anger/disgust.

3. A weekly web comic about two nerds who argue about nerdy things. One character usually embodies current internet opinion over a movie, comic or game while the other tries to talk him out of being a moron.
1. "Michael Bay's handling of childhood-hero Optimus Prime caused a lot of nerd rage. Everyone knows Prime would never shoot off a captive enemy's head with a giant robot shotgun!"

2. "Spawn camping their team caused a lot of nerd rage. Block his mic so you don't hear him whining."

by BegoniaMan November 20, 2011
The act of becoming wildly frustrated and/or defensive over nerdy things. It can manifest itself in many forms: youtube rants, sci-fi debates, video games, and chats. Often is perpetrated from the safety of a keyboard.
I didn't go on youtube to read your five paragraph complaint. Please watch the video and get your nerd rage under control.
by angrymunchkin dance October 29, 2011
When a player starts over-reacting about an asswhoopin they've just received in a game.
Player 1: What the Fuck!?! You fuckin noob tubers. Don't have any skill! Thats fuckin cheatin!!! I'm reporting you.

Player 2: Someone is definitely on a nerd rage.
by sideboob<cleavage September 04, 2010
When somebody who is declared by a majority, ''Nerd'' gets a sudden overcharge of rage for something that is either unuseful, irreavelent or stupid.
When Harry died because his guilde betrayed him in WoW, he got a nerd rage and smashed a hole in the wall.

Example 2:

John: Cmon dude, your at 1 kill away from an Attack Dog
(Gets destroyed by a claymore)
by Finalninja December 20, 2010

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