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Portable USB Drives, worn around the neck on a strap. The more Megs on the drive, the higher the status.
"Oh, look. Cash is wearing his Nerd Bling again..."
by Chad Hill July 27, 2005
Blizzard authenticators worn round a gamers neck.
This item would be carried around with a laptop and so he/she could show off the amount of accounts he/she owns and the 'gear' that he owns
Guy1: Dude! Thats some awsome nerd bling!
Guy2: oh why thank you, ill show you my Tauren Arcane Rogue if you want! You will be amazed by my uber skills!
by iRACKERS April 16, 2011
a medal won for academics worn around the neck, by nerds, similar to real "bling" or chains as would be worn by rappers, athletes, etc.
Did you hear, Vince won the geography bee and is wearing his nerd bling around school.
by LC Vince GT May 07, 2006
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