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mysterious or secret
The arcane wolf was not captured.
by Snakebyte October 29, 2003
A Mysterious power or force that is very deep and only understandable by those who weild it.
The business man knew nothing about the arcane, but the mage did.
by Unknown.....311 January 12, 2009
known or understood by little or few; only known by a small group.
The discovery of treasure at Troy was kept arcane and the archaeologist smuggled the jewels away, claiming that it was for "the safety of historical treasures".
by S.L. Preville December 01, 2009
Generally pitied for their lack of testicular fortitude, this race of people make up for that loss with an overabundance of fur. These people are on the brink of extiction and thus have resorted to trying to mate with childern online. Also see child molestor
The other day, I saw a sad Arcane because his mom took his TV away. He had no way to release his sexual frustration now because there weren't any childern around and he couldn't watch Ranma

The Arcane wanted the young girl to untangle his fur.
by NoCash March 23, 2003

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