Nerd appeal is having your pants hangin below so your bloomers show. Having your hat to one side(like someone slaped you upside the head) or the other, you know nerds they think if it looks stupid it must be cool. Wearing shorts too long. Yea you know nerds they wear their pants too short and their shorts too long. Not always having a pocket protector.
Yo, see that nerd, he needs a mommy to help dress him and pull his pants up for him, now that is nerd appeal!

Did you see that nerds underware? Yea man, like he must not have any thing to support, dead give away wearing those nerd bloomers. I remember when only women wore them! Yep, nerd appeal, being out of sink with the world.
by ABSOLUTE TRUTH March 23, 2007
Top Definition
the opposite of sex appeal. when you are attracted to someone because of the bulge in their baseball cap rather than the bulge in their pants.
Damn, son. After Miss Kennedy the librarian schooled me on Pythagoras and math theory, I wanted to make out with her so badly. Now that's nerd appeal!
by Audrey Le October 15, 2004
1. A measurement of how attractive something would be to a nerd or geek.

2. Others (nerd or otherwise) who are attracted to nerds are experiencing the nerds' inherent 'nerd appeal'.
1. Wired magazine tries to have a lot of 'nerd appeal' as it caters to its technophiliac market. They talk about lots of shiny, complicated gadgets.

2. "That kid in my math class is really smart - maybe I should ask him out. Mm."
by MoxyFox December 21, 2006
The attractiveness that one may have for being intellectual. Characterized by goofy but cute looks, off-beat interests, above average intelligence, and a sweet and caring personality. A sense of attractiveness which is derived chiefly from personality and less from aesthetics.
"Hey Lafonda...that boy know all about politics!"

"Aw and with his cute little smile...what nerd appeal!"

"That boy in our economics class has some serious nerd appeal."

"I know right?! He gets 100% in our class...and he totally held the door for me the other day."
by WordWoman! May 13, 2011
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