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A species of anthropromorphic fox very rare due to the fact that they are considered a delicacy in voreist culture. They are usually very intelligent, and are skilled in alchemy, metallurgy, and most natural elements.

Neonfox religion involves four main dieties: Xilicha (purity and creation); Fussixe (strength and agility); Ossolok (Protection and wisdom); and Amatorama (evil and destruction). Each of which can be summoned through meditation and can influence the NeonEclipse cycle. Life is greatly revered in Neonfox culture, and most neonfoxes strive to conserve it.

A group of neonfoxes is called a justice. Though the last known justice is uncertain, but the remains of Aurukys, a sacred neonfox city, have recently been discovered: a sign that their existence is still plausible.

Neonfoxes are identified by their reddish-orange coat, bright green eyes, a glowing green tail-tip, their love for adventure, and their biting sarcasm and social commentary.

Also see candyfox
Neonfoxes are rare but charming creatures.
by Neon_is_Forever September 23, 2009
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1. a specific aurora borealis that goes over the Laplands, mainly the colour red.

2. a diety said to appear before someone as they stare at a bright light including (And not limited too) the sun, strobe lighting, flash bomb or a television screen. it's often the warning point to someone before they go blind.

3. a trance hallucination where in cases, people see a blurred streak of light and to them, it appears to be moving.

4. to be clever at a physical science
1. For a good 25 minutes, neonfoxes lit up the night sky over Sweden.

2. I'm glad that neonfox showed up when it did, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to find my way out of that rave.

3. I had to calm Ganges down, apparently he'd been seeing neonfoxes and was starting to become paranoid.

4. In chemistry everyone wants to be my partner; apparently I'm the neonfox there.
by Fox In a Trance June 26, 2009

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