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A neo-punk is more efficient form of punk. Instead of wasting time caring about how they-selves dress, and the currant punk fads(emo), they worry about the issues they believe in. e.g. abuse of authority, conforming to standard, etc. While fashion has little to do with there attitude, neo-punks tend to dress in a disguising manner,(Suites & Slacks) as if to infiltrate the "Standard" and infect from the inside out. Typically enjoying all types of music,(except that which is no the radio)and tend to enjoy underground music the best, finding that it has the same social detachment as they. Mostly very smart, they see through plot to standardize and suppress the masses.
Amon Tobin, Beasie Boys, Soul Coughing, Xero Chi neo-punk
by xero chi August 02, 2007
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A neo punk is a modern punk starting in the mid to late 90s and continuing into the 2000s and is still in full swing, neo meaning new and punk being punk its basicaly saying new-punk.
Modern punk varies a bit, but real modern punkers where studded leather jackets displaying bands they listen to what scene they are from, such as NYC or East Bay, also displaying political slogans and views, such as anti racism and very leftist or liberal beliefs. Mohawks and brightly colored hair is common among neo punks especially in the band "the casualties". Other neo-punk bands include Anit-Flag, The Unseen, Time Again, and Rancid(their newer stuff anyway).
by Daniel Ray July 07, 2006
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A new form of punk. The difference is the dressing.instead of the plaid and black of punks. you have usually jeans and a band t-shirt. The hate for subliminal messages, and conformity is till strong, while the hate for corporate rock still exists just on a lower level.The disrepect of authority is the same.
A lower level of punk.Often associated with skaters.Neo-punk was invented 4-12-05.

Punk:You think your a punk? You're not hard-core enough
Neo-punk:I'm a neo-punk.Toned down from punk you dumb-ass
by relientkgirl May 08, 2005
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a new style of punk with a marked difference in clothes. instead of mowhawks, chains, black clothes and mascara...neo punks generally wear some colour and their hair more resembles emo-punk or skater-punk styles. rather than tight black jeans and plaid...neo-punks are more associated with pinstripe or plain coloured pants. neo-punks tend to hold the same attitudes as punks in regards to their hate towards authority and conformists. neo-punks are also distinguised from punks in their music. they generally dont listen to old school punk ie. ramones and bad religion. rather they listen to some of the newer punk groups such as mxpx, nofx, fall out boy etc.

a neo-punk is a toned down punk. generally less outrageous in appearance.
that guy doesnt wear black and make-up...but he still seems to hate the bloody conformists
by littlejimmy May 22, 2005
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Neopunk is a genre of music, not a way of dressing or anything as shallow as that. It is used to describe a genre of music such as; Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand and bands such as that.

It has nothing to do with the way anyone dresses. -.-
Arctic Monkeys are described as "neopunk"
by uGh February 05, 2015
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A toned down form of punk.A slightly preppy version of punk.More associated with pink and black rather than all black.Typical clothing is denim and converse's with a badn or balck t-shirt.Most girls belonging to this classification wear mascara and eyeliner.The dudes: mohawks and fauxhawks and chains.There tend to be more pinstripe than plaid.The most common shoe types they wear are Vans and Converse.Listen to popular-punk and emo.Most of the band's names they listen to start with "the"
typical bands: The Flags,The White Stripes,The Matches,The Transplants,Fall out Boy,Green Day,Weezer.
by fall_out_girl May 29, 2005
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