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transitive verb: to mistreat or exploit through extortion, trickery, or unfair actions; especially : to deprive of or cheat out of something due or expected

From Windowfarms - a Kickstarter campaign launched on the promise that ALL backers would receive a Windowfarm. Some people have received theirs, however all Canadian and International backers (and the majority of the US backers) have not received what they paid for. There has been no attempt at remedy or resolution of the outstanding issues. Furthermore, the person behind Windowfarms refuses to respond to International backers.
Jimmy: "I heard you invested in a multi-level marketing venture and got fucked over?"

Paul: "Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking...I'm sure I've been windowfarm'd"
by LittleJimmy September 24, 2013
a new style of punk with a marked difference in clothes. instead of mowhawks, chains, black clothes and mascara...neo punks generally wear some colour and their hair more resembles emo-punk or skater-punk styles. rather than tight black jeans and plaid...neo-punks are more associated with pinstripe or plain coloured pants. neo-punks tend to hold the same attitudes as punks in regards to their hate towards authority and conformists. neo-punks are also distinguised from punks in their music. they generally dont listen to old school punk ie. ramones and bad religion. rather they listen to some of the newer punk groups such as mxpx, nofx, fall out boy etc.

a neo-punk is a toned down punk. generally less outrageous in appearance.
that guy doesnt wear black and make-up...but he still seems to hate the bloody conformists
by littlejimmy May 22, 2005

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