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a new promoter of the ideas of Ned Ludd and his people who destroyed industrial technologies while the Industrial Revolution was taking place. Neo-luddites come in many forms, and oppose technology for different reasons. This includes those calling themselves "radical traditionalists," who oppose it because they feel that industrial society subverts traditional folk-and-faith values. Others, who call themselves "primitivists," believe that technology and civilization itself are inherently repressive because it forces people to act contrary to their instincts, and interferes with natural eugenic population control measures, etc. Famous neo-Luddites include the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, Derrick Jensen, Jacques Ellul, and John Zerzan. It must be pointed out, though, that those like the Unabomber are strictly the exception rather than the norm.
John Zerzan as a Neo-luddite has written extensively on what he believes are the atrocities of civilization.
by IntestinePoet April 18, 2006
One who secretly despises technology, yet is forced to make use of it for social reasons or due due to circumstances beyond their control
1. Juan was labelled a neo-luddite as he would use his multi-function mobile telephone only to look cool around his friends. His friends also knew that he dreamed of a world in which smoke signals were still the main method of communication.
by theblacksmith September 14, 2005
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