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1. A person combining all the most negative characteristics of a douchebag, a retard, an infantile moron, a jerkbutt, a dumbass, an insect, a parasite, and a homosexual. Usually has a massive inferiority comlex. Tries to come across as tough and cool, but can't fool you if you've known him for two or more weeks. His idiotic antics are occasionally funny, but never when he means them to be, and only 2% of the time when he doesn't. Can't succeed at anything, not school, not sports, nothing. The only justification for the theory of eugenics. The word is usually a masculine adjective.

2. A roundworm(the intestinal parasite).
That guy is such a nematode!

We need to identify the gene for being a nematode.

Roundworms are nematodes
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a fancy posh word, used by elitist ugly pricks.
An example of these people... Charles.

Pass me some more of that Nematode
by Jonathan Alph June 30, 2006
Another word for the racist term "Nigger" Can be used to not get into trouble, or get your ass kicked by a bunch of black people.
Larry called Jamal a Nematode because he stole his lunch money.
by RogersBAMF January 15, 2011

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