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An attractive man with a huge penis, he is also a good in bed and great at kissing!
Woah, I totally was with a nelson last night!
by Will Bradshaw March 04, 2008
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Someone who has really big muscles , chizzled features, rugged, really good at sports.
girl 1:omg did u see that guy at the gym

girl 2: omg i know he is such a nelson
by Waaapaaaa May 27, 2008
Small, extreamly liberal town in South Easten Brithis Columbia, Canada. Is known for having some of the best weed in the world.
Nelson is the shiznit
by Kyle de Jong September 21, 2005
A cute person who is in middle school and has like 7 friends and is from a small carribean island like Puerto Rico.
Person 1: Man, did you see Nelson today?
Person 2: Dang, he look fine
by Itzy123 December 22, 2011
to have an overgrown mustache

from the word kitchen
can be related to a john or dave
mostly bruce murray marks and davids
wow, man ur nelson is massive!
by milk bottle 25 June 22, 2012
Hottest man on earth, he has a huge penis. He gets all the chicks, he's friends tease him because they are jealous, he is great in the bed, and even better at kissing
Girl:I love that Nelson

Girl:he is so great in the bed
by Kattymate November 27, 2014
A small boy who is also a player.he can be sweet but he is actually a donkey.he will try to hang out with the popular people just so he can be cool. Treats people like they are a nobody and does care about other people exept him
Girl1:hey i saw a kid hanging out with the popular people and they didn't even know him
Girl2:yeah he is such a nelson
by Stitchlove October 29, 2014

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