The redneck term for sexual aroused naked-ness. Whereas being naked is simply being nude; being neked is being nude and ready to fuck.
Billy: Last night, when I got home from the honky tonk, Darlene was laying on the hide-a-bed with a six pack of bud and a can of WD-40--Neked!
Bob: God-damn.
Billy: I plowed her so hard that when I donkey punched her I knocked her ass out!
Bob: Damn, man.
Billy: Yeah, she took it harder than The Rock on Smackdown!
by billy-bob-earl-jones-jr March 16, 2006
Top Definition
1- Southern pronounciation of Naked
2- Naked and up to no good.
1- He was neked as a mole-rat when he done been borned.
2- She was naked in the shower minding her own business when that neked man got in with her.
by senormoomoo March 16, 2006
A redneck way of saying naked.
Let's go to the strip club and see some neked ladies.
by Phrenesicko Decapitate May 23, 2005
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