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the prettiest, sexiest person to walk on this planet; someone that everyone envies but no one can be like
Nehal is so perfect and although i canot be like her, i still wish
by chiku August 15, 2004
116 39
absolutely amazing with great personality and humour,
she's fit
by nikki November 26, 2003
99 36
A name, popular in the Indian state of Gujarat. It means "rainy" or "love." However, more close examinations reveal that Nehal represents absolute beauty. Nehal tends to be perfectly compatible with other sources of water, specifically dew or mist.
Nehal Mehta is the most amazing girl in the world.
by N.G. February 01, 2009
73 22
The coolest, best, and most amazing in the world.
Everyone should try to be like Nehal.
by N.G. February 02, 2007
61 11
a girl of absolute beaty, smartness, power, and perfection
everyone should be a nehal
by anonymous May 15, 2003
84 36
To diminish the strength or energy of; fatigue.
"I am Nehaled because of school."
by Stealth January 19, 2005
42 32