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Worgen spelled backwards.
I joined the guild <Negrow> since I play a worgen.
by AdditionalPylons August 13, 2011
9 3
Another way to say negro.
dude he's such a neg-row
by Lord-of-Locusts December 31, 2011
4 0
when a black person grows marijuana, aka evil weed
fity cent is still negrowin that dank to keep it rizneal to the strizneets
by jon bon jovster July 10, 2003
34 30
NeGROW: The black man's way of lawn care; When your knees grow.
Person A: Man, did you see how Jerry's lawn looked?
Person B: Yeah bro, he was using NeGROW.
by Nobodycaresexceptyourmom August 18, 2011
2 3