To haggle or dispute (Negotiate) the price of slaves on the open market or wharf.
I negrotiated with my fellow slaver over the recent shipment from Zimbabwe. I got him down to a resonable price.
by Kylie and Ryguy November 05, 2008
Top Definition
haggling over the price of an item that you can not afford no matter what the price
That man was trying to negrotiate on a waterfront house and he doesn't even have a job
by upset realtor November 18, 2006
Yo, means to confer with yo brothas in order to come to terms or reach an agreement.

When is negrotiation useful?

1. When some niggas got a nine on yo skull it's time to negrotiate.

2. When you's itchin fo an ounce but u ain't got da benjamins, you might have to negrotiate da price.
1. ...Oh, snap. I think I just shit mah pants...can we talk negro to negro?

2. Man, I only got $240, I ain't got $260, nigga.
by Hamster Alliance December 18, 2004
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