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4 definitions by frizzle

Someone of extraordinary size and blackness which intimidates other ordinary sized humans into agreeing with them!
"Leroy kicked that niggas ass so bad that dude's a real nerotiator!"
"that nigga blacky dont take no S*^t from them cracker paroll officers!"
by frizzle December 01, 2004
Massive and Bulbous
His blue veined junket pumper was Galoptic
by Frizzle October 31, 2003
noun : that area below the female waste line that moves like a well greased machine when in motion...
1. Check out that Booyah!!!!

2. MMMM MMMM that is some fine Booyah coming down the street.
by frizzle August 29, 2003
"I forgot My Sister" : Floyd
by Frizzle October 26, 2003