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The act of doing something commonly done by Negros. Also describes behavior.
Negrodian Acts: Putting 22 inch rims on your SUV. Naming your child with a combination of the Mother and Fathers names (Rachel + Sean = Rashaun). LCD TV screens in the rear head rests so the people behind you can see what your watching.

You just spent your whole paycheck on some gold teeth, that's very nergodian of you.

by Boscoe Money November 28, 2005
A black person. A non polite, non offencive term for a black person. Established in 1998 by Chuckie (The fat chick killer)
Cracker: "Sup ya negrodian thug!"
Mudshark: "Gimmie Some of that negrodian black cock"
by Chuckie May 06, 2003