Top Definition
black personne - nigger - coon
Look at that negre waxing boots for 50cent.
by NIGGERKILLER September 24, 2003
"négre" means nigger in french.(insulting word)
I hate niggers!
Je hai les négres!

he works like a nigger.
il travaille comme un negre.
by nodame February 09, 2007
Black people in France.
Les negres puent
black people stink
by MuslimFOREVER June 08, 2013
alternate of "NIGGA".same thing as "NIGGA".
mutha fucka!!!!!!!!wut u think dis is?aint no free giveaways here negres!!!

wut up ma negres?
by Hip A.K.A TRIGGA June 20, 2003
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