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(N) 1. An ungrateful person, behaving as if they were entitled to everything. 2. A white person behaving as if they were black.

(V) 1. To treat someone of the same color with the disrespect of racial discrimination. 2. To disregard a respectable black person because of their skin color
That negrate didn't even thank me for driving him to the airport!
Don't be such a negrate! I just bought you a beer!

Don't negrate me! I'm not a nigger!
You shouldn't negrate James, he's got a better job than you do!
by NayBob April 07, 2011
verb: give a negative rating to a posting or a definition in Urbandictionary (thumbs down)
Noun: negative rating given to a posting
Please don't negrate my definition, just because you do not like it.
by BugZilla October 25, 2004