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adjective - 1. someone who may THINK they have swag when really its the complete opposite.
2. the lack of swag; one who is lacking in the are of overall self confidence and as a result, comes off as awkward and not as smooth as one would assume
"WOW, look at jeff when he runs, it looks like he's swatting flies. Homeboy has negative swag" " Can you tell me how Chris is 6'3, his feet came from under him, and he fell flat on his face with no one touching. Chris monoghan has negative swag.
by blackkmagic19 January 28, 2009
The condition of having abnormally low swag.
WOW, Tristan Watson has negative swag. Homeboy tripped kicked out his own feet in the process of whiffing a simple pass.
by /?? February 07, 2009
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