What a retard might call a negro.
Retard: Durr I sees a nee-gar over dare!
by LiquidSnkae September 27, 2005
Top Definition
a woozle that hides in the basement, eating pies and what not.

can also be found molding between seats. (referred to as moldy neegars)
that neegar ate my pie
by beans November 06, 2004
Spanish word for thief or criminal
There's a neegar on the roof! Be careful, he might rape you!
by boot wit da furr May 16, 2008
It's what the Pokemon Gengar evolves into, seeing that Gengar is already dark as it is.

also relatively fun to say, hopefully with no offense to anyone
That Gengar has evolved into a Neegar!
by PokemasterChefBoyardee December 05, 2011
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