Patch of skin between your navel and genital area upon which pubic hairs grow.
"I would have gotten a blow job, but the hair on my neech was out of control."
by Ben December 08, 2003
Top Definition
Neech is used as a term on message boards to show that some one posted that topic already. It's based on an avid poster who always hit news items first.
"dude you got neeched"
by kami andrews April 15, 2006
to fuck in arabic
damn, bob just got neeched by his sister jackie
by neech_soldier January 15, 2004
Derived from the word, 'konnichiwa.' Neech is a slang, derogatory term for a person from asian and/or oriental descent. These people are often recognized for being short in stature and tend to be driving Kia Rio's or other foreign vehicles. A neech can be a person with poor driving skills, selling items on the black market, and are generally carrying around gadgets that are confusing just looking at. Additionally, a neech will only speak english when directly spoken to, otherwise they speak their own dilect which is rude, considering they are in america, though it can be humorous.
"Look at the neech in the Honda"
"Listen to that neech's funny accent."
by Max Kats November 30, 2006
To give someone you love a present and not receive anything in return.
That man got neeched when he gave her a box of chocolates and she did nothing.
by ThatGuy;) March 25, 2014
Patch of skin above a (chode) where pubic hair grows.
Bucky found out he was in the wrong neech garden when he went diggin and found a cucumber
by Chode Master Bucky December 10, 2003
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