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Affectionate bites of another person's shoulder (usually significant other) that can be measured in either number of nibbles or duration. Is often used as a mild 'punishment' as it can be quite ticklish/uncomfortable for the nibble receiver, and if nibbles are done through clothing it can create soggy patches of saliva.

Cute-sy pronunciation of the word 'nibbles'.
B: Sorry honey, I forgot to pick up the milk today!
S: What! I reminded you so many times. Fine, but you owe me 5 neebles (or 30 seconds of neebles)!
B: Sigh, fine. *Lifts up sleeve to expose shoulder*
by viciouslam August 20, 2013
Neeblé(s) - A noun synonymous with "nibble" or "small bite" used when asking for a taste of a friend's food. Often utilized by those notorious for food mooching.
Friend 1: Hey broskanski, lemme get a lil neeblé of that sando.
Friend 2: No.

Friend 1: I am so freakin hungo, c'I get some neeblés?
Friend 2: Yeah!

A neeblé is generally equivalent to a small piece of a sandwhich or several chips.
by scoobgnarbler5 January 07, 2010
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