pussy, sex, vagina, etc.
john: did you hit that neden?
carl: hell yah.
by jim December 21, 2003
Top Definition
a juggalette's pussy........
bitch i'm knockin at yo do'
lemme get some neden, hoe..
bitch you ugly that's ok,
im finna hit it anyway......
by maniak killette April 01, 2004
a Juggalo word for pussy
Yo bob did you tap yo girls neden last night.

hell ya george that shit was tight
by massmurdera187 January 26, 2004
A term used for the vagina of a juggalette, or a female icp fan. They are almost always loose, smelly, hairy, not often washed, and usually infected with genital warts.

Person 1: See that girl with the stupid face paint?
Person 2: yeah, whats her deal, and what is that awful smell?
Person 1: She is a juggalette and that is her neden.
Person 2: It smells like she put a human baby in her vagina and left it there for a month!
Person 1: Exactly.
Person 2: Faygo sucks.
by Dirty_Dan February 17, 2008
A woman's genitalia, also called pussy.
I'm finna hit that neden.
by killette March 31, 2005
a juggalo term meaning pussy or vagina
man her neden is tight
by MDJuggalo2007 October 25, 2004
A Juggalo word for pussy,
...I Got Neden waitin up for me in Shangri-La...
Yo J, You And That Juggalette Go Out Last Night?
Yeah Shag... Went To The Movies, Got Somethin To Eat, Got Back To Her Crib, And Had Me Some neden Homie, And It Was Sweet!
by Jay AKA WiKiT November 05, 2006
The Juggalo way of saying pussy or vagina
I fucked that neden raw
by TheNightmareOfLife September 19, 2011
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