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Someone who is sexually attracted to dead people(most likely ranging from the time they died to up until they are 2-3 days bernie). This type of person may often have the intentions of having sex with the corpse(i.e. necrophilia).
Jim: Did you see that one goth-looking guy who attended your cousin's funeral a week ago? I noticed a questionable look in his eyes as he was looking at her in the casket.
Eric: The fuck?! Don't be a fool! He was just mourning like everyone el... Oh yeah THAT guy. Hmm yeah I also noticed something suspicious about him. By the look in his face, he was definitely not mourning. He was also staying in front of her a little longer than us and the other mourners and he almost looked like he was about to hump the casket.
Jim: So all of this indicates that he's...
Eric: Right! That he's a NECROSEXUAL.
Jim: I thought as much. There's some pretty sick fucks out there in the world.

Mark H. Urban Addict since February 2004.
by Mark H November 01, 2004
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