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(N.) One who enjoys his or her time posting Definitions on because it is a form of Artistic Expression by voicing your thoughts and opinions on the web, for others to not only see, but learn from, and even laugh at for some as well. An Urban Addict usually enjoys time on this website because they are very opinionated and wants the whole world to know what they're thinking. And some even use it to vent off their frustrations and anger, without fear of persecution or trouble because of the Nicknames they use here. Most of them, unfortunatly, don't better the website as a whole and end up messing it up.
Most Urban Addicts, though, are young, intelligent teenagers between 14-19 who usually (or on occasion) have a lot of intelligent obserbvative views on the world they live in.
by G-Union November 26, 2003
One who suffers Urban Addictionary and is therefore addicted to providing definitions for the Urban Dictionary.
That Urban Addict visited Urban Dictionary at home, at school and at public libraries. He considers his addiction a form of business.
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 25, 2003
Those who read all 50+ illiterate, immature, tedious, angrily impotent and amateurish permutations of a definition of a given word and then adds yet another illiterate, immature, tedious, angrily impotent and amateurish permutation of that definition to that word.
Whooo! Look at me! I am so hardcore on!
by buzznut October 14, 2003
one who is addicted to adding definitions to
Hi, my name is (insert name here) and i am an urbanaddict
by IrishRepublicanArmy December 20, 2003
Someone who spends all day posting definitions on urban
Bastardized bottomburp is an urban addict.
by psycho bitch March 06, 2004
one who must post more definitions than the rest of the world, strives to be humorous
ahahah! thats 5032 definitions! im on a roll today
by hex_ten December 17, 2003
person that spends a lot of time posting insults on urban dictionary and has no life because they spend all their time here.
person 1: what are you doing when you get home?
person 2: going to urban dictionary duh
person 1: me too
by who cares February 28, 2005
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