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someone who fucks dead children
they may cut the childs head off and use it to masturbate with
i caught that necropedophile fucking a 12 year olds corpse last night
by niggasense February 27, 2005
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(American spelling)

To indulge in sexual activity with the cadaver of a minor, or any corpse that stopped moving before breeding age.

Also a death metal track by cannibal corpse
you're going to be a necropedophile
by Gumba Gumba February 20, 2004
1. Someone (male or female, but you know only men would really do it) who gets off on fucking the corpses of minors.

2. A fucking sweet Cannibal Corpse song, from the '92 album 'Tomb of the Mutilated'.
1. My mate Bob dug up some 8 year old kid's rotting remains and fucked her in the ear, which makes him a necropedophile. ;-)

2. Was having a tug and listening to Necropedophile when my mum walked in and I shot one off in her eye.
by Jakaline September 15, 2006
humps, rapes, has sex with dead kids. They get really horny really fast when they see dead kids.
My friend john got horny while taking his nightime walks
by hisham-hater December 10, 2003
rapes dead children.
hey john my friend goes for walks
by CarlTheShanker November 12, 2003

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